Thursday, May 14, 2009

Frist Plantings for Winter.

First Update for May 2009, ill try not to make this long and boring and not to short, remember comments are welcome here or on the forums you found me link, i like seeing comments from people who enjoy reading my blogs.

I got a New Short Handled shovel i bought it with my Easter Money only $22.00 at Big W.
New Shovel

On Tuesday i got some Seedlings and seeds from Bunnings Warehouse.
The seeds i got from there are:
- HawkesBerry Wonder Beans (planted in to garden next to peas and some into a seed tray)
- Carrots (garden bed)
-Radish (garden bed)
- Broccoli (Seed trays)
- Cauliflower (seed trays).

Now for the seedlings
- Peas (planted in bed 6)
- Broccoli (only got 2 pots of these and they are in bed 5)
- Cauliflower (same as Broccoli)
- Silver beat (bed 1)
- Onions (bed 2)
- Brussels Sprouts (bed 5)
photo of seedlings before planting


Here are some photos of preparing the soil and the seedlings in there.

Onion bed
Onion Bed

Cauilflower brussel spourts and broc
Cauliflower broccoli Brussel Spourts.

Close up
Peas Close up

Rhubarb Garden Update.
Rhubarb Garden Updated

Garden Gloves from gardening Australia i got a few months ago.
Garden Gloves

one of my new hampshires that i am preparing for this weekends show
New Hampshire after wash.

Compost bin Half Filled.