Thursday, May 14, 2009

Frist Plantings for Winter.

First Update for May 2009, ill try not to make this long and boring and not to short, remember comments are welcome here or on the forums you found me link, i like seeing comments from people who enjoy reading my blogs.

I got a New Short Handled shovel i bought it with my Easter Money only $22.00 at Big W.
New Shovel

On Tuesday i got some Seedlings and seeds from Bunnings Warehouse.
The seeds i got from there are:
- HawkesBerry Wonder Beans (planted in to garden next to peas and some into a seed tray)
- Carrots (garden bed)
-Radish (garden bed)
- Broccoli (Seed trays)
- Cauliflower (seed trays).

Now for the seedlings
- Peas (planted in bed 6)
- Broccoli (only got 2 pots of these and they are in bed 5)
- Cauliflower (same as Broccoli)
- Silver beat (bed 1)
- Onions (bed 2)
- Brussels Sprouts (bed 5)
photo of seedlings before planting


Here are some photos of preparing the soil and the seedlings in there.

Onion bed
Onion Bed

Cauilflower brussel spourts and broc
Cauliflower broccoli Brussel Spourts.

Close up
Peas Close up

Rhubarb Garden Update.
Rhubarb Garden Updated

Garden Gloves from gardening Australia i got a few months ago.
Garden Gloves

one of my new hampshires that i am preparing for this weekends show
New Hampshire after wash.

Compost bin Half Filled.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another New Plant.

we have a mulberry tree we where given in summer still sitting in it's pot and i said to dad i reckon we should plant it yesterday night when i showed him where our new Guava tree was so we worked it out where i have Just came inside from digging the hole and planting it our fruit tree numbers are going up :)


We now have 10 fruit trees, 2 of them are purple plums, one green plum , two mulberry trees, one fig tree , 1 mandrine tree, two guavas and two Persimion trees, i wouldn't mind adding an apple tree and another fig tree to it as well.

My compost pile out in the paddock is doing well as well i have been using it in my gardens and will put some around all the fruit trees.

dug into the pile so you could see a bit of it

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tomato Exp Update 1

Tomato Exp Update 1
Pepe and myself are doing a little tomato Experiment this winter, more info on this site
Well my self sown tomatoes are doing fine one of them has a few little flowers on them now, not sure if ill get any tomatoes but.

New Plants

Second post on my blog for April now, not much longer till may now.
Well i am going to get into this post right now it could be a bit longer then my normal ones but i hope you enjoy it and my blog. Here goes......Not much has happened in my garden been to wet havent even order my seeds yet i have them all sitting on my seed order account but haven't bought them yet so to speak hopefully i get that done soon.
We lost our Rhubarb Patch over summer it is before we lost it. We ended up just rebuilding it with slippers and add goat poo to it, ended up filling the bed up with some free rhubarb crowns i got.

Where i got the Rhubarb crowns from (our Neightbours up the road) i also got this Guava tree from its not like the one we have already our old one is a StrawBerry Guava and this on is yellow and looks like a pear.

New Guava tree

Also will be getting a few Bannana trees from up there as well, the lady up there she is nice to me lets me pick up cow poo out of her paddocks, good place to swap some up there she lives by herself.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Frist Update For 2009!

Hello Guys,
This is my frist update for 2009, and hopefully i can blog at least twice a month, Alot of Changed in my gardens, and around our place, frist of all ill start with a few of my new pets, me and my dad have got 2 bee hives.

Also i have got 6 new chooks some of you already know they are New Hampshires, i still have the 4 cross breeds the 3 isa browns and there rooster, my new ones are 4 pullets and 2 cockerels i am hopefully showing the New Hampshires this year as well, so there my new pets. Now for some changed which have happened to me i have left school, i had apperentership but it wasn't working out at all for me so i left that that was plumbing i am still going to tafe for that till i find some more work. It's looking to me like i should do something in Ag or Horticultre.
My garden was alright over summer wasnt to crash hot, i grew alot of tomatoes they survied the heat and had two crops off them which was good i have 3 Pumkins patches going all survied the heat and are still growing good, i also grew sunflowers and corn, thats all i grew in summer as it was a hot one.
My garden is a bit bair at the moment got to order some seeds for winter. currently in my garden i have the 3 pumkin beds still and radishes in one, I also got some wormwood Cuttings, which are growing very well. We lost our Rhurbarb patch in the hot weather so we are rebuilding the rhurbarb patch rasing it up and adding heaps of compost and goat poo or which will be free. and already have some Plants Orangised to go into the new patch.
Thats your Blooming lot for the time being guys.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

video - white house veggie garden

While doing my daily blog visits on Skippy's Vegetable Garden i just found this video its a good video and sure is worth the watch its about the white house should have a veggie garden.

The site they talk about at the end is

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

October Egg Count

In October my 3 Isa brown hens laid 64 eggs between all 3 of them and back in January they laid 72 so i wounder how many they will lay in November and December.