Monday, April 6, 2009

Frist Update For 2009!

Hello Guys,
This is my frist update for 2009, and hopefully i can blog at least twice a month, Alot of Changed in my gardens, and around our place, frist of all ill start with a few of my new pets, me and my dad have got 2 bee hives.

Also i have got 6 new chooks some of you already know they are New Hampshires, i still have the 4 cross breeds the 3 isa browns and there rooster, my new ones are 4 pullets and 2 cockerels i am hopefully showing the New Hampshires this year as well, so there my new pets. Now for some changed which have happened to me i have left school, i had apperentership but it wasn't working out at all for me so i left that that was plumbing i am still going to tafe for that till i find some more work. It's looking to me like i should do something in Ag or Horticultre.
My garden was alright over summer wasnt to crash hot, i grew alot of tomatoes they survied the heat and had two crops off them which was good i have 3 Pumkins patches going all survied the heat and are still growing good, i also grew sunflowers and corn, thats all i grew in summer as it was a hot one.
My garden is a bit bair at the moment got to order some seeds for winter. currently in my garden i have the 3 pumkin beds still and radishes in one, I also got some wormwood Cuttings, which are growing very well. We lost our Rhurbarb patch in the hot weather so we are rebuilding the rhurbarb patch rasing it up and adding heaps of compost and goat poo or which will be free. and already have some Plants Orangised to go into the new patch.
Thats your Blooming lot for the time being guys.

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