Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Garden Update: Bed 1,3,4,5,6 and 7

Bed 1
Over summer i have been growing Pumkins in this bed. i am leaving them and letting the plants break down in there, on sunday i moved a bit of them over so i could plant Garlic. This is my frist year for planting garlic.

Bed 3:

bed 3 has broccil, brussel spourt and soon to be a cauilflower plant. The brussel spourt seedlings are from bunning warehouse and the broccil and cauilflowers are the ones i grew my self. I sown the broccil seeds straight out into the garden but have had the cauilflower seeds growing in my greenhouse.

Brussel spourts right at the back near the Rhurbarb and Broccil at the front the broccil seed germinated one the 16th of apirl.

Bed 4:

bed 4 has carrots 1st sowing, 2nd sowing and radish and beetroot.



Bed 5:

Bed 5 is my onion bed, the types of onions it has in is gladalan white, Cream gold,Purplette,leeks (from bunnings) and spring Onions (from bunnings)

Spring Onions Up Close.

Bed 6:

bed 6 has peas and beans

Bed 7:

Bed 7 has in it lettuce, silver beet and spinach.
No Photos of this bed sorry.


tomatoes all different types capsuicm eggplant wormwood , parsely (thanks yeehah for seeds) and cork tree seeds.

Tree Lurence seeds

Wormwood seedlings

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Cassandra and James said...

Hi Veg Gardener,

We're in the midst of planning a decent inner city backyard veggie patch which will be raised about 30cm from ground level. All the links for veggie gardens discuss soil types in great depth but we can't find any info on suitable materials for building the garden walls. Basically wondering if the cheaper treated pine boards are ok or is there some problem with using a treated wood around a bed of which you are going to eat the produce? Local lumber yard has a nicer (and more expensive) red gum plank we're looking at as well, any reason why we shouldn't use treated pine that you may know of?

I'm asking you because in your blog photos it looks like you have treated pine planks around your beds and was wondering if all was ok?

Thanks in advance, Cass the virgin veggie grower!!!